Ceratosaurus X-Ray 3D Collectible Dinosaur Card

  • Ceratosaurus X-Ray 3D Collectible Dinosaur Card  - Permia

Ceratosaurus X-Ray 3D Collectible Dinosaur Card


Our Ceratosaurus X-Ray 3D Collectible Dinosaur Cards are just about the coolest paleoart prints around! At 5"x7", the front features the life restoration of the dinosaur on one layer, with its skeletal "3D" printed in transparent gloss on top - run your fingers across it and you'll feel the fossil! The back presents fun and interesting facts about Ceratosaurus, including its size, weight, diet, and more!

  • Scientifically Accurate - Paleontologist-crafted artwork
  • Unique 3D Effect - See and touch the fossil bones!
  • Velvety Feel - Thick, soft-touch laminated stock
  • Educational & Fun - Full of facts and prehistoric trivia

Facts About Ceratosaurus

  • Ceratosaurus nasicornis (means "Horn lizard")
  • The horned carnivore of Colorado
  • Lived during the Jurassic
  • Examples of other theropods include Allosaurus, Tyrannosaurus, and Carnotaurus
  • Coloration inspired by a modern-day Caiman Lizard

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Soft Touch

Our velvety X-Ray cards feel just as cool as they look

"3D" Printed

Run your fingers over the fossil, and you'll actually feel the bones


Learn all about our creatures, with fun facts on the back of your card