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From Our Fans

Terri C.

This hoodie is wonderful. It's incredibly comfortable, and has a fleecy inside that doesn't go away after washing it. It also doesn't have the elasticated bottom so doesn't ride up when you're wearing it. The sleeves are nice and long, which sold it for me, as I often find hoodies just a little too short in the arms. I will be wearing this until it falls apart!

Laura D.

These dinosaur shirts are awesome. They're comfortable, colorful and great conversation starters. I've had strangers come up to compliment me when I'm wearing this shirt. The dinosaurs on the front and skeletons on the back are a great touch. Can't wait for more to come out!

Kristin F.

Needed a gift for a paleontologist - these were perfect! The artwork is very detailed, the cards are nice and thick, each comes with a sticker to close the envelope. I needed a set of them, and the website only offers them individually. The Permia customer service created a link for me that had them all in it so my purchase was fast and easy. They arrived quickly, nicely bubble-wrapped for a safe shipping experience. Thank you Permia!