Bambiraptor Paleoscape™ Dinosaur Greeting Card

  • Bambiraptor Paleoscape™ Dinosaur Greeting Card  - Permia

Bambiraptor Paleoscape™ Dinosaur Greeting Card


Our Bambiraptor Paleoscape Dinosaur Greeting Cards are perfect for birthdays, thank you notes, holidays, and everything in between!  These 5"x7" deluxe, soft-coated greeting cards feature Bambiraptor in its natural habitat on the front, and the dinosaur's scientifically accurate fossil skeleton on the inside - with plenty of room for your own custom message.  They even come with a matching Bambiraptor envelope sticker seal!  Send them to others, or collect them yourself!

  • Scientifically Accurate - Paleontologist-crafted artwork
  • Skeleton Inside - Awesome, highly-detailed fossil print
  • Quality Feel - Thick, soft-touch laminated stock
  • Matching Seal - Mini-sticker envelope seal matches the card

Facts About Bambiraptor

  • Bambiraptor feinbergi (means "Bambi thief")
  • The tiny but deadly hunter of Montana
  • Lived during the Cretaceous
  • Examples of other dromaeosaurids include Velociraptor, Deinonychus, and Utahraptor
  • Coloration inspired by a modern-day Vermilion Flycatcher

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Deluxe Feel

Thick, soft-touch stock makes our cards both durable and luxurious

Fossil Inside

Our cards feature scientifically accurate fossil skeletons on the inside

Matching Seal

No Permia greeting card is complete without a mini circle sticker to match