Baryonyx Permia Pet™ Handmade Dinosaur Figurine

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Baryonyx Permia Pet™ Handmade Dinosaur Figurine


Our Baryonyx Permia Pets™ are the most adorable dinosaur figurines this side of the Cretaceous! Each one of these incredible polymer-clay sculptures is handmade and one-of-a-kind, making them the perfect collectible gift for the paleontologist or dinosaur lover in your life! At just over 4" long, they're cute as can be, while also featuring a remarkable degree of scientific detail. So, if you find them as irresistible as we do, order your Baryonyx figurine today, and start your own Permia Pets™ dinosaur sculpture collection!

Our Baryonyx Permia Pets™ are approx. 4" long, fragile, and are not intended as toys or for young children without adult supervision. Because each sculpture is handmade - giving each one its own personality - the precise details and shape of your Permia Pet™ may vary from the pictures shown.

Facts About Baryonyx

  • Baryonyx walkeri (means "Heavy claw")
  • The piscivorous predator of Europe
  • Lived during the Cretaceous
  • Examples of other spinosaurids include Spinosaurus, Suchomimus, and Irritator
  • Coloration inspired by a modern-day Black and White Tegu

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Sculpted with love, each Permia Pet™ has its own unique personality


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Undoubtedly adorable, Permia Pets™ also feature the latest science