Dilophosaurus Collectible Dinosaur Sticker

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Dilophosaurus Collectible Dinosaur Sticker


Our Dilophosaurus Collectible Dinosaur Stickers can be placed almost anywhere!  Featuring our full-color dinosaur art, they're fun to use, are UV-coated for extra durability, and have an easy-peel backing.  Collect all of our stickers to decorate your home or office, and create your own prehistoric scenes!

Our Dilophosaurus Stickers are approx. 5" wide x 2.5" tall and are not intended for infants or toddlers without adult supervision.

  • Scientifically Accurate - Paleontologist-crafted artwork
  • Durable Prints - UV-coated, water-resistant stickers
  • No-Hassle Peel - Easy-peel tab for instant backing removal
  • Fun to Collect - Ideal size and full-color, vibrant print

Facts About Dilophosaurus

  • Dilophosaurus wetherilli (means "Two-crested lizard")
  • The crested carnivore of Arizona
  • Lived during the Jurassic
  • Examples of other neotheropods include Cryolophosaurus, Dracovenator, and Sinosaurus
  • Coloration inspired by a modern-day Pebas Stubfoot Toad

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Full Color

Our stickers are printed in full, vibrant color, so they always stand out

Vinyl Laminated

Our stickers last for years - our vinyl lamination provides extra protection


No frustration - just crack and peel our sticker backing for easy application