Tyrannosaurus Reigns at Permia - Long Live the King!

Unveiling the Tyrant Lizard

Since we started Permia back in 2015, we knew there would be no escaping the most famous of all dinosaurs - T. rex! With so many Tyrannosaurus t-shirts and merchandise already out there, though, we worried that we might not be able to bring anything new to the table; and, as with all of our other creatures, we weren't content with producing "just another dinosaur." So, we racked our brains (and Scott's!) trying to devise a truly novel approach to the Tyrant Lizard King, and we're proud to say that, at long last, we've brought T. rex to life in a way no one has seen before!

From his exceptionally dynamic rearing pose, supported by immense tail musculature, to his pronounced lacrimal crest surrounding a glaring red eye, we pushed the bounds of scientific knowledge about T. rex as far as we could take them! For coloration, we drew inspiration from a remarkable modern-day dinosaur - the Greater Coucal - which gives our Tyrannosaurus his almost iridescent midnight blue scales and his (strategically localized) rust-tinted plumage! Even the scales on his toes and feet were crafted to meld this terrifying theropod with his avian counterparts, to create a wholly unique, yet entirely plausible, rendering of this most iconic dinosaur.

T. shirts and T. hoodies!

Of course, after all of that effort, we thought it would be a shame to restrict our T. rex to a home only on our t-shirts. So, in addition to being featured in stunning color on both our slate blue and black limited-edition Fossil Fusion tees, we're also excited to announce that our Tyrannosaurus will be available on our trademark Bonebed hoodies! Both garments will be launching at SVP 2018; however, they're also immediately available for pre-order on our website, at specially discounted pricing through October 20th!

We can't wait to hear what you think of our T. rex, and we hope you'll enjoy wearing him as much as we had fun bringing him back to life!

Oh, and if you've already pre-ordered Baryonyx or Euoplocephalus, thanks again, and we've got you covered - if you also want to pre-order Tyrannosaurus, he'll ship at the same time, and we'll be more than happy to refund any extra shipping charges from your new order (assuming it ships to the same address)!

Oh, Just One More Thing ...

There's one final surprise in store before SVP, and it may be our biggest (well, technically, smallest!) announcement of the year! You won't want to miss it, so stay tuned ...!