Permia Pets™ - Adorable Handmade Prehistoric Figurines

Cute, Colorful, Collectible!

We promised you the most exciting announcement of the year, and we're elated to unveil just that: our brand new Permia Pets™ collection! Launching this Wednesday, at SVP 2018, our Permia Pets™ are limited-edition, handmade collectible figurines, inspired by our Permia prehistoric creatures! At three-to-four inches long, and sculpted with love (here in the U.S.) out of a special polymer-clay, they're not only cute as can be, but also remarkably detailed. Whether it's the miniature spikes on our Stegosaurus's thagomizer, or the fine quills on our Styracosaurus's back, we think you'll be amazed! Because they're handmade, each Permia Pet™ has its own unique "personality," making them the perfect gift - or, perhaps even more tempting, the ultimate way to build your own endearing flock of dinosaurs and other ancient critters! :)

SVP and Pre-Orders

At SVP this week, we'll be introducing the first five members of our Permia Pets™ family: Dimetrodon, Diplocaulus, Stegosaurus, Styracosaurus, and Tyrannosaurus! Because of how much time it takes to hand-craft each model, we're only able to bring a handful of each creature to Albuquerque; so, please stop by our booth as early as possible, for your chance to be amongst the lucky few to get one! If we're sold out, or if you simply can't make it to SVP, don't worry - we're now accepting pre-orders (on a first come, first served basis), which should start shipping as early as 11/15!

We've had so much fun developing these enchanting collectibles, and we can't wait to let you adopt a Permia Pet™ of your own!